Your visit to Cyprus

At the airport, we will meet you personally, take you to the city and help you to get to the hotel.

As a token of appreciation for your confidence in our company - if the result of your visit is to be the conclusion of a contract of purchase of an apartment in the residential complex of the DIO - we will pay the 3 nights' accommodation at any hotel of your choice in Limassol for you and your family.

We will be delighted to communicate with you during a small tour around Limassol and lunch at one of local cafes. Also, a free shuttle service to the airport will be arranged at the end of your stay in Cyprus, whatever the decision with respect to the acquisition of the property you may have taken.

The residential complex viewing

At any time suitable to you, our staff will be ready to take you to our object, so that you can view the residential complex and the selected apartment.

Conclusion of contracts

1. The preliminary agreement.

If, after viewing of the apartment you will be ready to decide on the purchase of the property, we can proceed with the legal registration of the deal.

We will offer you to consider and sign a preliminary purchase/sale contract. If necessary, you can use the services of the law firm that will represent you at the closing of the deal.

The conclusion of the preliminary contract guarantees to the buyer that the chosen apartment shall be reserved in his name until signing the main contract.

Upon signing the preliminary contract, it shall be necessary to make a payment of at least 2% of the value of the object as the evidence of intent to purchase the property.

2. Main contract

The process of preparation and approval of the main contract usually takes about two weeks. The document fixes the procedure for making payments and the registration of the ownership of an apartment.


You can buy the property at any stage of construction.

Upon signing the main purchase/sale contract, it is a prerequisite to pay 30% of the property price. An individual payment schedule shall be offered for the settlement of the remaining amount.

The delivery of the keys and transfer of the registration documents

Handing the keys to the buyer and the transfer of the registration of documents confirming the ownership of the property shall only take place after the full payment of the purchased property by the buyer.

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