Ecohome DIO Residence

The project Residential Complex DIO Residence is based on the latest technologies in the field of environmental construction and energy efficiency and is perfectly integrated into the architectural landscape of the Limassol coast.

The modern design of the building combined with the extensive use of energy saving solutions provides a comfortable indoor climate within every apartment all year round.

The provision of green balconies and a Mediterranean garden means that DIO Residence is in line with standards and principals of green Ecohome and ensures a perfect living milieu.

At the design stage the building received the international A-Class Energy Performance Certificate, which means that its energy consumption is is at least 50 % less than in traditional buildings.

How is this energy efficiency achieved and what does it mean in terms of comfortable living?

Energy saving technologies in construction

Ecologically harmless thermal insulation materials for the walls and roofs and panoramic aluminium energy saving windows guarantee indoor freshness in summer and warmth in winter, providing protection against external factors (solar radiance, wind conditions, humidity).

The main source of electric power comes from solar batteries of latest generation that transforms solar energy into an electrical current which sustainably reduces the energy consumption of both the apartments and the whole building.

The water heating and hot-water generation systems use the latest thermal collectors consisting of vacuum glass tubes. These are arranged horizontally as stationary sunscreen canopies above the windows on the upper levels of the building. These collectors ensure solar radiance absorption all day long.

Modern VRF systems

Cooling, heating, ventilation and hot water production are provided by newest multi-functional VRF systems (ECODAN by MITSUBISHI), which have the potential for a simultaneous heating or cooling mode.

To maintain a proper indoor climate (temperature, humidity and air conditioning) each apartment is provided with a total climate control 3-in-1 system that can be also controlled remotely using a PC or smartphone.

An adaptive hydronic underfloor heating system is installed inside each apartment, one of the merits of which is the absence of elecromagnetic radiation.

Panoramic windows and eco-design

Double glazed panoramic windows and sliding balcony doors by MUSKITA (THEA. Minimal Aluminium Frames) provide thermal and acoustic insulation and special UV control.

All interiors are designed using only eco-friendly materials such as wood, metal, glass, marble, leather and textiles of natural fibers.

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